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Restoring Earth
and Purifying Hearts


促進身心健康 造就圓滿人生

回復大地元氣 饒益世代子孫

推廣慈心事業 建立誠信社會

To foster humankind’s care for nature and its living beings, and to save our Earth from the harmful pollution due to pesticides and chemical fertilizers, Venerable Master Ri-Chang put forth the concept of “Restoring Earth and Purifying Hearts”. After many years of extended guidance, the “Compassionate Heart Organic Agriculture Development Foundation” was founded in 1997 to assist agricultural practitioners in making the change from conventional agriculture to organic agriculture, which is more beneficial to the the Earth and the sustainability of its ecosystems, so that we can leave a pure land for future generations to come.The foundation also places great value on education to guide the public to apply the Compassionate Heart Venture’s ideals to practice.


In the meantime, Venerable Master also noticed the overflow of chemical additives in all kinds of food products which seriously threaten the public’s health. Therefore, he guided lay practitioners to establish Leezen  Co. Ltd., with its mission to develop safely processed foods and daily items. It uses an innovative operational model based on “Integrity, Mutual Support, and Gratitude”, to initiate a positive cycle for the prosperity and mutual benefits of producers, sellers, and buyers alike.

Integrity, Mutual Support, and Gratitude

Inspired by a sense of compassion, a group of people in the United States decided to embark upon an important project that had not yet been undertaken.In 2002 the first Leezen store in the States, Heartland, was created. This creation was intended to bring together farmers, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers  to form a treasured and trusted partnership. Heartland is committed to creating a land of compassion, protecting our global village, and bringing happiness to you, me and all living beings.

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