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Culture and Education






To cultivate people who will bring virtue to life, bring stability to nations, and bring peace to communities.

We deeply believe that education is the pivotal point of humankind’s rise and fall. Teachers play a critical role in education, thus one of the primary endeavors of the BW Foundation of Culture and Education is to hold periodic trainings for teachers. Children are like blank slates; they can be painted into timeless masterpieces, or into abandoned scribbles thrown in trash piles. Our Foundation has designed a curriculum for children to gain correct understandings of the social and ethical world around them, and to apply their understandings in their lives so that they would develop morally, intellectually, physically, and socially, becoming happy members of their families.


The students learn the Disciple Regulation (Di-Zi-Gui) to establish a spiritual and moral foundation, the Three Character Classic (San-Zi-Jing) to cultivate their hearts and minds, the Book of Filial Piety (Xiao-Jing) to cultivate their virtuous qualities, and as adolescents, they would learn the Confucian Analects (Lun- Yu). A curriculum designed for parents compliment the learning and growths of the young students, establishing an environment for mutual support. We sincerely welcome any and all inquiries to all Bliss and Wisdom branches in the U.S. regarding local Culture and Education classes, as well as regarding details of any other classes or camps.

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